What the River Brings: Oregon River PoemsWhat the River Brings


River Poems by 56 Oregon Poets

Edited by Kathryn Ridall

One of our Time's greatest poets, William Stafford, wrote, "What the river says, that is what I say," and, now, poets from Stafford's adopted home, Oregon, have had something to say about rivers, about themselves, about all of us. What the River Brings brings readers superb poems from some of the Pacific Northwest's finest talents. I rejoice in the originality, the memorability and the significance of this beautiful book.

Ralph Salisbury
Winner 2012 Riverteeth Literary Non Fiction Prize
Author of Light from a Bullet Hole

What the River Brings
is a great gift to all of us who love rivers. Carry this gift in your canoe or daypack or the pocket of your raincoat; its sentences will shimmer with reflected sky and dive to depths you had not imagined. There is no greater pleasure than sitting by the water when the cottonwoods are sweet and coming to know the river
anew through the minds and hearts of Oregon’s most wonderful poets.

Kathleen Dean Moore
Author of Riverwalking and Wild Comfort